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I have created this web site out of a desire to better serve the collecting community with quality items. I started antique collecting many years ago. My interests then varied greatly with some wonderful acquisitions that truly showed how masterful the artisans of old were with their abilities to display true presence in their creations. Eventually about sixteen years ago, my interests took to a turn in to the eclectic world or Swords and Antique Weapons. I was truly fascinated with the beauty within these pieces, that are both functional weapons and outstanding pieces of displayable art. I did in time develop a particular fondness for the vast diversity found in Asian weapons and the deep history behind these noble antique swords and weapons.

My study of Antique swords and weapons is a relentless undying passion that continues to grow daily, through a wonderful network of family, friends and associates that I have met on the magical journey.
My learning has taken me into many different facets behind these weapons, such as the cultures that these pieces have come from, trade routes they followed, ethnic and cultural crossovers throughout these times as well as art and customs behind these wonderful pieces.

At Swords and Antique Weapons we buy and sell authentic antique swords weapons and artifacts from all corners of the world. All pieces that come from Swords and Antique Weapons are guaranteed to be accurately described and to be original, authentic antiques.

Buying from us is easy. A variety of payment methods are available, please contact us for all your payment and custom declaration needs, we can help with most requirements to make your purchase pleasant and hassle free. Lay away plans available to suit all budgets.

If I can help in anyway please ask. My best to you all and thank you for visiting Swords and Antique Weapons. We will endeavor to do our best to answer any questions you may have about buying from us, selling to us or consigning stock with us.

Gavin Nugent