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Ritual or votive sword
19th cent Europe

Ritual or votive sword<br>19th cent Europe


A nice and very unusual ritual or votive sword of European origins.
This unusual short sword appears to be of Pagan origins. The overall length is 56cms with a blade of 44cms.
The blade appears to be that of a shortened heavy cavalry sword or possible French origins. The forte of the blade bears inspection marks. One side shows a 'MA' in a rectangular cartouche, the other side shows two square cartouches of differing sizes, both bearing an 'A' within.
The hilt is of a thick heavy pewter construction shows children linking arms around a large tree trunk that has small branches and folage hanging down. The base is octagonal with flower like motifs to four of the eight sides. The base is a thick oval section of pewter. The entire hollowed section of the hilt has been filled with old culters resin.
A nice heavy unique short sword that appears to have ritual Pagan undertones.