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Japanese sword
Samurai Sword

Japanese sword Samurai Sword Katana www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine old original Samurai sword.

This un-restored Katana measures just over 95cms in the scabbard, 93.5cms out with a blade length of 68.5cms.
The hilt retains partial binding, gilded fittings, bamboo strips and ray skin grips that remain in very good order for its age. The remains of the original binding show a delicacy not often seen and offer a insight and benchmark to he or she who will re-wrap this hilt in the traditional manner.
The Tsuba is iron in is of open form. There are two arrows intersecting in the design, however one side has suffered impact damage but with care can be restored.
The scabbard has losses to the lacquer and losses of fittings but is sound.
The blade is unsigned. It has a fuller running from the tang through to just short of the tip and is in an unpolished state with no Harmon visible.

Overall a very nice restorer that will grade up very well.