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Shuang Jian,
Chinese double straight sword

Shuang Jian, Chinese double straight sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare varient of the Chinese straight sword, is a pair of Chinese Jian housed back to back in a single scabbard.
22 & 1/2 inches overall in the scabbard and just over 20 inches out of the scabbard. The blades show clear forging lines in places and are as clean and untouched as the day the were made some 120-150 years ago.
The scabbard is bound in dyed ray skin, blue in colour that has faded to a wonderful warm blue patina over time. All scabbard fittings are in pristene condition for it's age and all fittings exibit the Chinese bat for good luck and the Buddhist symbols of longevity. The hilt fittings are slightly loose with age and the fluted hilt grips are a warm red lacquered colour that again show a wonderful age patina.
The other Jian are shown for comparission only.