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Tibetan Sword, early 19th century

Tibetan Sword, early 19th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Antique Tibetan sword. Hair pin laminations visible to blade, more pronounced on one side. An etch will highlight it better.  A few small areas of light pitting and some delamination to blade in places.  Iron fittings to hilt, old ray skin still present to hilt.  A nice rectangular iron cross guard, original light canvas material still to the rear of scabbard, material missing from front, 2 of the turquoise and coral stones still present in the nickel silver fitting at the base of the scabbard. Overall a very well presented near complete and very hard to come by sword.  32 " over all in scabbard, 31 inches overall out of scabbard. 25&1/2 inch blade,

When referring to LaRocca's book on Tibetan arms, the pommel and hilt, although iron, not silver is the same shape and dimensions as the one presented on page 162, where as all the other pommels are of a slightly different shape and dimensions. Both the scabbard and rectangular cross guard are very similar to the sword presented on page 160 of the same book.