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Massive and heavy examples

Hudiedao Butterfly swords knives www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


From my personal collection.

Based on historical photographs from the mid 1800's, this massive pair of Hudiedao date from approx 1860.
60cms overall with broad blades 8mm thick and 50mm wide at the base,
they taper to a strong hatchet tip 25mm wide, being 2mm wide at this point.
Thick strong bronze knuckle guards and quillons that could withstand the strongest of sword blows.
These are heavy fighting swords that are not often seen, the blades show signs of use and display an clear fire like pattern welded surface. The blades, hilt and fittings are all beautiful, strong and functional and were certainly built with one thing in mind. The blades tip is also inline with the tang, offering a very prescise and strong stabbing ability.
The hilt slabs are superbly carved in Rosewood with Chinese key pattern relief, swastikas and floral relief in the corners.
These are as large as this type of Chinese sword gets, other examples of this type do not come close to the weight and size of this pair or the size and thickness of the guards.
Very rare and unusual examples of a size rarely seen.

Feel free to contact me for comparatve images of many other pairs.