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Very Fine Oman Kattara

Oman Kattara Omani sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


The Oman Kattara is a very important, rare and unusual sword in it's own right.
This piece carries what is most likely a local made blade of 28&1/2 inches. The blade is very sharp and strong with firm flex.
The hilt is tapered wood wrapped heavily in fine twine and covered in leather that is stitched to the rear, it has a silver pommel.
The scabbard is tooled leather, that gives the appearance of slabs of leather running the length of the scabbard and again is stitched to the rear.
All fittings on the scabbard are of the finest tooled silver with amazing attention to detail with the wire scrolls attached. The suspension mounts are unique in the raised style and double layering and the original small suspension buckle is also present on a newer leather belt suspension cord. The throat and drag are both of silver and are also expertly worked.
An excellent example in superb condition, no doubt this belonged to a man of high status.