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Moro Kris

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Massive Moro Fighting Kris from the Spanish American war period, circa 1900.
Tip to tip in the scabbard it is 31 inches long, out of the scabbard it is 30 inches long with a 25 inch blade that exhibits an 11 luks with very fine laminatiing all the way from the centre to the cutting edges.
The hilt is tight on the blade and according to Robert Cato's book "Moro Swords" and his references to these Kris, this piece is definately pre 1930's and looking at the piece over all I would place it to the later part of the 19th century and most likely saw use and took live during the Spanish American wars. A similar example of the sword and the scabbard can be seen on pages 74 and 78 of Cato's book.
A lovely large complete and rare Moro weapon.