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A rare high quality Tibetan sword

A rare high quality Tibetan sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare Tibetan sword of high quality.

84cms long in the scabbard, the sword is 79cms overall with a 66cm straight single edged blade of clear light and dark hairpin consruction.
Highly decorated hilt and scabbard. Silver fittings to the hilt, rectangular wooden hilt with remains of ray skin intact, central stone now missing. Floral designs to the silver trefoil pommel facade and edges, swastika/key design to the fitting behind the cross guard.
Large silver panel to the scabbards drag, deeply repoussed silverwork with original stones of varying colour still present. Also found to the scabbard is inset brass panels of intricate design to the facade and sides.
Overall a well presented stunning sword that is complete bar the hilt stone and some loss to the ray skin.

For further reading and images of similar swords found in museums throughout the world, please refer to page 146-174 of Donald LaRocca's work, Warriors of the Himalayas, rediscovering the arms and armor of Tibet.