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Chinese Jian
early QianLong era
Shuang Jian
very rare

Chinese Jian early QianLong era Shuang Jian very rare www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A release from my personal collections.

A wonderfully detailed and very rare near complete example of an 18th century Shuang(double) Jian.
Overall length within the scabbard, these swords measure 89cms long.
Individually out of the scabbard they measure 84cms long.
The blades are 66 cm long, of a triangular cross section, being 8 mm thick at the forte with distal taper to the tip.
Both blades are razor sharp and show Chinese symbolism in 5 places along the blades on the outer sides only in copper and silver. The inlay appears to be that of 4 halberds in a vase, a flaming pearl, seven star constellations and others.
The grip wrap is very interesting being of a very fine briaded leather that remains in very healthy condition.
The scabbard remains in fair condition for its age and has lost an upper suspension fitting. All scabbard fittings are of thick brass/bronze construction and are very detailed. The two collars behind the guards show a Dragon in clouds wrapping itself around both fittings. The scabbard throat fitting also shows a Dragon and a flaming pearl wrapped around it.
A very rare and seldom seen pair of Jian.