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Singhalese Kastane

Tibetan Sword, early 19th century www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An interesting early Kastane with an unusual blade marking.

Overall, 26inches long with a 1 inch wide blade being 20 inches long.
The blade is clearly forged with laminations present.
In the forte of the blade, there appears to be a mark resembling the profile of the Lion pommel, it is not crisp enough to be certain but it is recessed lower than the blade and similar.
The blade has a slight twist approx 5 inches from the guard.
The hilt is lavishly sculptured in the form of a stylized Lion covered with a flowing mane and the guard and langets are beautifully shaped and dressed in applied brass with Makara facial features throughout the quillons and Serapendiya to the end of the knuckle bow.

Overall a nice example. No scabbard.