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Singhalese Kastane 18th century

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Singhalese Kastane 18th century

A rare Singhalese sword from the late 1700's complete with original scabbard. Overall, 26inches long with a 1 inch wide blade being 19 inches long. The forte is very thick, a brass panel still remains to one side and the spine is also inlayed with brass diamonds.
The blade steps down to a nice distal taper with a fine fuller running along the blade, the spine too is very thick. Although I cannot get a proper image of the steel in the blade, along the cutting edge and blade sides it does show a very nice high contrast forging pattern that looks like wavy streaks of silver throughout the blade. A professional polish will reveal an outstanding and rare quality blade.
The pommel is lavishly sculptured in the form of a stylized Lion and geometric patterns, some brass inlay still remains in the hilt. The hilt does have two small losses which is expected with age. The carved hilt is solid on the blade. The iron guard and langets are beautifully shaped with Makaras at the tips of all, and being dressed in brass too.

Overall a very nice example complete with scabbard that appears to represent an elephants trunk.