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Fine Chinese Oxtail Sabre,
Pattern welded blade

Fine Chinese Oxtail Sabre Pattern welded blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice antique Chinese Oxtail sabre with original scabbard.
This is a rare style of sabre not often seen today and it is in very good condition overall for such a fighting weapon, free of any major nicks bends or losses.
Overall 100cms in the scabbard, out of the scabbard, 93cms long, the blade being 75cms long. Thick spine with nice taper to the tip and cutting edge and a pattern welded blade. Iron cup guard, brass hilt fittings and original wrap. The scabbard covering is most unusual being a fine lacquer. There is one small fault, one of the suspension bands has come away from the suspension bar, a very easy fix for some one with the time.
A lovely and rare fighting sword from the boxer rebellion period.