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Extremelly rare pair of Chinese fighting knives

Extremelly rare pair of Chinese fighting knives www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Form my personal collection.

An extremely rare pair of Chinese fighting knives.
In all likeliness this fabulous pair of knives are totally unique in manufacture.
Paired weapons of this nature are often associated with the martial arts of Ba Gua Zhang and could very well be a pair owned by an early 19th century master.
This particular pair have substantial age to them, are very well constructed and have a clear bell ring to them when struck. They would most likely date from the first half of the 19th century when Chinese fighting edged weapons were in their hey day, prior to the introduction of modern firearms such as the colt six shooter.
This superb pair each measure 48cms across and 30cms deep from the cloth bound handle to the piercing tips. The shape is that of the Turtle or Tortoise, an important symbol in Chinese history.
These pieces are very clearly forged and forge welded, they exhibit very nice distal taper to all surfaces, still carry a razor sharp edge and all points are strong piecing points designed with only one thing in mind.
Very fast and comfortable in the hand and offer amazing offensive and defensive capabilities.