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Good Moroccan Koumaya Jambiya

Good Moroccan Koumaya Jambiya www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice old Moroccan Koumaya
Total length 40cms in the scabbard and 38cms out with a 22cm blade.
The blade is partial double edged blade as is standard for Koumaya, sharpened on the inner curve for all but the top 35mm with the outer part of the blade is hollow ground before the lower cutting edge starts.
This piece is of better than average quality with fine inticate tooled silver sheets covering the entire facade, there are what appears to be two pair of eyes present on the hilt and the throat of the scabbard. Traces of blue and red enamel work present on the hilt and traces of yellow near the "eyes".
The scabbard has two large brass ring for suspension.
A very nice piece at a good price.