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19th century Exhibition Seville Navaja 87cms

19th century Exhibition Seville Navaja 87cms www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare and outstanding Exhibition Spanish Navaja.
The handle is beautiful black bull horn with striking blonde highlights and free from cracks.
Open this rare knife measures 87cms long with a 41cm blade. Gorgeous floral engraving to one side and Spanish script to the other. Some blackening to the tip area of one side.
As I can not fully read Spanish, I offer below what it is that I can make out.
"Si esta vibora te pica no hay remedio en la botica", "If this viper itches to you there is no remedy in the pharmacy"
The second line reads "___ defensora de mi dueno bas ta el _____ ______", " ___ defender of my owner you go to ______ ______".
The third line is " O le ____ __ Grava __ Labra" ....something like "it burdens working to him"
As you see there are a few words missing that I cannot translate.
The spine is filed in nice design, as is the back spring too.
Two small brass inlay missing from the horn handle.
This is part of my long standing personal collection.