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A fine Malay Keris

A fine Malay Keris www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice near complete Malay Keris.

This Keris is 42cms long when sheathed, 39cms out of the sheath and has a blade just under 32cms in length.
The Jawa Demam hilt is finely carved with good crisp detail. It is made from a very dark burl timber and has a small loss to the crown.
The sheath is also made from finely grained timbers with a small loss at the join and the bone or ivory base now missing.
The blade is fine quality. The blades surfaces show good clear patterning to the core and a different steel pattern to the edges. It appears to have been cleaned at some point in its life and remains in a grey iron colour throughout.

A good solid old Malay Keris.