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Very Fine Klewang Sabre

Very Fine Klewang Sabre www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Klewang Sabre
A very good example of a long sword/sabre from Sumatra, early 20th century. Overall in the scabbard it measures 79cms, out of the scabbrd 77cms.
The hilt has an expertly carved and pierced buffalo horn pommel in the form of a Makara, the remainder of the hilt is covered in ornate repoussed silver sheet that flares where the blade meets the hilt
The wooden scabbrd is entirely covered with silver repousse work of three floral decorative cartouche, ornamental geometric patterns and Islamic script.
The very long and sturdy pamor blade has silver wire work inlayed to the spine, the forte and the full length of the blade within the deep fuller that stops 2cms from the tip.
Still retaining a lovely shary edge on the curved blade, it is an equally efficient slashing sword as it is stabbing.