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Indian Khandjar

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A well kept Indian Khandjar circa 1900.
42 cms long with 30cms blade, deeply curved with recurve towards the tip. Stylized parrot head hilt, all steel construction.
The blade is deeply chiselled to both sides. In the forte there are 2 tigers? on one side and two deer on the other.
Next to this is an Elephant with a rider, the Elephant shows five trunks and short legs so it might be a representation of a Makara?
There is a 6 armed diety towards the tip with each foot on what appears to be a tiger head.
Fine decorative gold koftgari covers the entire hilt, worn in places.
The blade also has gold koftgari to the chiseled images and scrolls top and bottom of the blade.
A nice attractive Khandjar of unusual form.