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Indian Tulwar Shamshir,
Nice crisp Trisula marking

Indian Tulwar Shamshir,Nice crisp Trisula marking www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice clean honest fighting tulwar/shamshir of good proportions.
Large hilt being 19cms from the tip of the pommel to the tip of the langet, the disc is 8cms across and is in good crisp condition with dark patina.

The blade is 78cms from hilt to tip, graceful curve, asymetrical fullering, being only one fuller on the side of the markings and no fuller on the other, good distal taper and clear scarf welded forge lines throughout the spine.
There is a very clear crisp armoury stamp of a Trisula. The Trisula being the weapon of Shiva. Another talasmanic marking present next to this stamp.
The blade may reveal a pattern welded blade with proper polishing.
Overall a very nice sword with a variety of interesting and unusual aspects to the sword.