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A very fine Seville Navaja
Dated January 22nd 1883

A very fine Seville Navaja<br>Dated January 22nd 1883 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Seville Navaja with a specific manufacture date.

This over sized Navaja measures 61cms when opened and 32.5cms when closed.
The body of this large folding knife brass over blonde horn. Both the head and the tail of the Navaja are encased in decorated rolled brass. The brass ends are divided in to various segments with each segment decorated in its own unique manner. The central horn grip is further enhanced with thick decorated brass inserts and twelve small brass pins. behind the brass inserts are bright copper panels.
The back spring is engraved and strong.
The blade carries decorative brass plates at the ratchet end with the ratchet lock having six teeth that close loud and firm.
the spine of the blade is finished with file work and the tip is beveled to one side.
The the side with the bevel there is floral motifs within a border. To the reverse is a famous Spanish quotation translated to "Do not draw me without reason, Do not store me without honour". Below this slogan is "Sevilla, January 22nd 1883". Such an exact date of manufacture is very seldom known where the majority of blades only offer the year of manufacture.

A very fine and rare Spanish Navaja with a unique date of manufacture.