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A fine and unusual Kukri
Afghan or North India
Ivory hilt

A fine and unusual Kukri Khukri Afghan Bukharan Boukharan Bokharan or North India Ivory hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and very unusual Kukri.

This Kukri measures 44cms long in the sheath, 43cms out of the sheath and has a blade length of 31cms.
The Kukri is a full tang construction with the tang being thick and distally tapered in the same manner that the blade is.
The blade is a long narrow sirupate type. It is an old form with a single fuller to each side below the spine. There is a false ricasso in front of the Kaudi as is seen on all native Indian and Afghani sabres.
The bolster is steel and the grip slabs are very old and well shaped ivory slabs that are pinned in 5 places with small iron rivets, an attribute often seen on Afghanistan, Bukharan and Central Asian knives.
The sheath is typical leather over timber which remains in very good condition for its age.
A very interesting aspect and to my knowledge thus far, a unique aspect is the presence of a lanyard ring atop of the bolster and another pierced faceted point to the end of the tang.

A very rare and unusual Kurki type.