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A fine rare Zanzibar Saif
Arabian Peninsula sabre
A fine fighting sword

A fine rare Zanzibar Saif Arabian Peninsula sabre a fine fighting sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and rare fighting sword from the Arabian Peninsula regions.

This fine, broad bladed and very well balanced sabre measures 96cms long in the scabbard.
Out of the scabbard it measures 88.5cms long with a blade length of 70.5cms.
The large horn hilt with canted pommel is constructed and superbly carved from a single piece of dark horn. It is inlayed to both sides two seven pointed stars. The white metal collar that separated the elaborate guard and quillons is expertly recessed in to the horn grip.
The same quality workmanship is seen in the recess of the knuckle bow end and the pommel butt plate.
The elaborate guard, quillons and knuckle bow are a single integral unit that carry quality raised geometric designs to many surfaces.
The broad upswept blade is of a fine yet strong flexible blade, of the type preferred in the regions it is found. There is a single broad fuller running through the blade and it retains a very keen cutting edge.
The sabre is complete with its original scabbard timbers and metal fittings. The loop to the suspension fitting carries the same raised designs seen on the guard and knuckle bow.

A fine, rare and complete sabre from the Zanzibar and Arabian Peninsula regions and one of the better balanced fighting swords of the regions.