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A good African spear head
East Africa, half shaft

A good African spear head East Africa, half shaft www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


An African spear head with an unusually marked shaft.

This partial spear measures 127cms long. The spear head measures 34cms long including the socket and has a 21cms long tip.
The shaft is a rich dark timber, approx 2cms wide. It papers towards the socket and it is throughout this tapering section that it takes on an octagonal forma and is decorated on 4 of the 8 surfaces with stylised sun motifs. At the lower end of these marks there is a zigzag/chevron border.
The socket tapers further to a rectangular section that is covered in zigzag and cross motifs. It is from this point that the head broadens and tapers to create a leaf shape tip that has a raised medial ridge and hollow forged edges.

A good and very unusual African spear.