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Mangbetu Dagger
A fine and early example
A rare type with sheath

Mangbetu Dagger Congo African A fine and early example a rare type with sheath www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine and rare Mangbetu dagger.

This rare African dagger measures 26.5cms long in its sheath and 23.5cms out.
The 16cms long blade is mounted in to a well shaped ivory hilt of hour glass form. The pommel being 5cms across and the guard being 6cms across.
Of particular interest is the rare blade type, being asymmetrical and pierced, a type shown most often with facial or zoomorphic hilts type of carved ivory.
This dagger also comes with its original leather sheath and copper bindings.

A fine and rare example of an ivory hilted Mangbetu dagger.