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A very fine Italian dagger
18th century Punal

Italian dagger A very fine 18th century Spanish Punal www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Italian dagger, armour piercing tip.

This very fine example of the type measures just over 27cms long.
The stout blade measures 17cms long excluding the bolster.
The tapering octagonal fluted grip is made from stacked horn of alternating contrasting colours and very fine thin metal bands. The grip ends in a brass collar at the cut steel bolster and the tang is peened in a broad decorative manner over a chiseled brass washer.
The blades forte is decorated with a wreath to both sides than encircles a chiseled and pierced disc.
The blade tapers forth from the forte with broad beveled cutting edges and a single broad fuller through the middle. Both fullers are decorated with floral motifs to the centre.

A very fine example of a seldom seen type of European dagger.