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Chinese Jian
Chinese straight sword
Circa 1900

Chinese Jian Chinese straight sword Circa 1900 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good Chinese sword, Jian.

This example measures 103cms long in the scabbard.
Out of the scabbard the Jian measures 100cms long with a blade length of 77cms from the edge of the guard. The blade would be approx 81cms long if there was no guard.
The hilt measures 24cms long from the tip of the pommel to the tip of the guard. The grip section is 11.5cms between the fittings.
The scabbard is timber bound with Ray skin as is the grip. The ends of the scabbard retain its original fittings that are pierced with Shou symbols. The suspension fittings are not present.
There is a break to one side of the scabbard as seen in the images and various areas of lost Ray skin.

A good well balanced Jian in restorable condition if desired.