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A very fine Kukri
Ivory hilted parade Kukri

A very fine Kukri Ivory hilted parade Kukri www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Parade Kukri with a polished ivory hilt and ivory hilted Karda and Chakmak.

This Kukri measures just over 47cms long in the sheath.
Out of the sheath it measures 45.5cms long with a blade length just under 34cms.
An expertly crafted Kukri throughout. The blade is a full partial tang type with the tang peened through the brass butt cap. The bolsters are solid brass braised to the Kukri's blade. It is in original polish throughout with one very small minor blemish to the top right side. The blade is hollow ground and retains a very sharp cutting edge.
The hilt of the Kukri, Karda and Chakmak are polished ivory with Lines of Retzius clearly visible is the right light.
The sheath is polish black leather over a timber core. It retains it's original suspension frog which also appears to be the sheath for the Karda and Chakmak.

A very fine and well balanced example of the type that balances upright on it's cutting edge.