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A very rare Turksih Khanjar
A large stunning example
Watered steel blade
Gold script to blade
Unusual hilt

A very rare Turksih Khanjar Watered steel blade Gold script Unusual hilt to blade A large stunning example www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Turkish Khanjar with an outstanding gold embellished Watered steel blade.

In the sheath, this Khanjar measures just under 56cms long.
Out of the sheath it is 54cms long with a blade length just under 38cms long. The blade is 6.5cms wide at the hilt.
The hilt is ebonised timber with decorative bone inserted to the face of the hilt and caps to the top, bottom and sides that are expertly attached with dark timber dowel. Within the bone panels are numerous brass pins also inserted in to the timber.
The sheath is leather over timber, finished in floral repousse silver dress.
The blade is constructed from very fine Turkish watered steel that shows a very fine high contrast pattern.
To the forte on both sides of the blade are large gold embellished panels. The script with these panels are written in old Turkish script that show to be the same gold inscriptions on both sides.

A large and rare Ottoman Khanjar that is in exceptional as found condition with an heirloom blade.

An impressive piece.