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A good Jian
Chinese sword
Unusual symbol varient

A good Jian Chinese sword Unusual symbol varient www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good Chinese Jian with an unusual symbolic marking to the guard that appears to read, double joy.

This example measures 58cms long in the scabbard. Out of the scabbard it measures 56cms long with a blade length of 42cms.
The blade is a stout and well forged type with clear folded steel, laminated surfaces.
The hilt is brass fittings decorated with bats, longevity symbols and what appears to be a double joy character. The grip is a single piece of timber. It has a bulbous waist and fluted surface.
The scabbard is turtle shell veneer over a painted timber surface. It is adorned with 5 brass fittings that each display longevity symbols and bats, small loss to the lower portions of the veneer.

A good and unusual example of the type.