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A very good rare Iklwa
African spear, Shona
Wire bound
Status spear

A very good rare Iklwa African spear Shona Wire bound Status spear www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare example of a Chieftan/Status fighting spear.

This spear measures 126cms overall. The spearhead is 35cms long overall with the blade being 31cms long, 5.5cms wide and quite thick and heavy.
The head is secured within the timber shaft with 16cms of plaited wire binding, with small losses as seen on the images provided.
The shaft widens to a large carved and faceted bulbous butt that is 4.5cms across.
There is a single stable age crack at the base.

A fine example of a rare status fighting spear that displays a very pleasing patina throughout.

For similar examples, see the 1890's publication by Muller, Hendrik P.N. & Joh. F. Snelleman, "Industrie des Cafres du sud-est de l' Afrique"