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A very fine Turkish Kilij
Signed Damascus blade
Rare complete example
Rhino grips

A good rare African spear Sudan barbed spearhead www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Ottoman Kilij or Kilic in steel fittings, possibly Ottoman Syria pre 1860 or earlier.

This fine sabre measures 94cms in the scabbard.
Out of the scabbard it is 90cms long with a blade length of 75cms.
The grip slabs are Rhino horn, worn smooth with age and almost entirely transparent.
The hilt retains its brass lanyard eyelets. The slabs are pinned in the traditional methods with the tang surrounded by a steel grip strap decorated with gold applications. The guard is also steel, being of traditional form. This too is decorated with gold motifs.
The blade is a very fine old type in an outstanding state of preservation. It is in original polish that shows a good high contrast patterning that would certainly pop to show a very high contrast steel construction with the use of a modern etchant.
The blade is also signed to one side. There is an unknown word or name within the circle cartouche, also of applied gold work.
The scabbard is also in exception original condition, worn but complete and free from loss or damage.
The scabbard retains all steel fittings that are ensuite with the hilt fittings and decorated in similar gold motifs.

A very fine original Ottoman sabre is outstanding condition throughout.