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A very fine Chinese Jian
an exceptional fighting blade

A very fine Chinese Jian with an exceptional fighting blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very fine Jian in green turtle shell veneer.

This unusual example measures just over 66cms in the scabbard.
Out of the scabbard it is 64cms long and carries a blade 59cms long.
The hilt is constructed from a large thick carved grip of fluted form. The pommel and collar are decorated ensuite with the scabbard fittings. The finely detailed guard with facial features sits over the blade with an open mouth.
The very fine blade is of a thick diamond cross section tapering to the tip. Very fine forging patterns can be seen below the original polish.
The scabbard is dressed in green turtle shell veneer. It retains all five fittings that are decorated with ornate bats and longevity symbols.
There are small losses to the veneer as seen in the images provided.

A very fine example of the type, extremely well crafted throughout and a very well balanced and capable fighting sword.