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A fine Ottoman Pala
Classical Kilij Kilic
Silver dress, Rhino hilt
Exceptional & rare wootz blade

A fine Ottoman Pala Classical Kilij Kilic Silver dress Rhino hilt Exceptional & rare wootz blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Ottoman Pala in Silver dress with an exceptional Wootz blade.

This Pala measures 90cms long in the scabbard.
Out of the scabbard it is 85cms long with a blade length of 71cms long the centre of the quillon block to the tip.
The hilt comprises of a rhino grip slab with a repaired break and a timber slab on the reverse, showing to be an exact mirror image in size and contour. This appears to be a period repair judging from the quality and methods of repair.
The guard measures 19cms across and carries a cartouche to the centre of one side which translated reads "I rely upon God".
The blade is a very fine, rare and exceptional type. It shows one of the finest and tightest wootz patterns seen on such a sword. The hardened cutting edge shows a very dark blue colouring running the entire length which is approx 2cms wide throughout. The spine is fullered with tulip buds to each end of the fullering.
The blade, despite a "T" spine and the clear hardened edge remains very sharp, pliable and supple, a testament to the abilities of Ottoman sword smiths.
The scabbard is silver mounted with traditional motifs seen to its surfaces. Between the fittings is a thick felt like cloth binding.

An exceptional Ottoman fighting sword.