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A very rare Military Kukri
A.S & SONS 1916

A very rare Military Kukri A.S & SONS 1916 www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very good and very rare Military Kukri.

This Kukri measures 47.5cms long in the sheath.
Out of the sheath it is 46cms long with a blade length of 34.5cms.
The entire Kukri shows service wear throughout but is in excellent condition throughout considering the hard lives these weapons saw.
The Kukri as a whole, with its large grips is very comfortable hold and feels very capable. The timber grips are in good condition and are riveted with brass rivets in two places as seen in the images.
The blade shows to have been cleaned in its post war life, an aspect that would benefit from a more sound light polish to even out the remaining patina.
The sheath also remains in excellent condition throughout but now lacks its Karda & Chakmak.

An exceptionally well made and very rare military Kukri by A.S & Sons.