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Barong, Moro sword
Philippine fighting sword

Barong, Moro sword Philippine fighting sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice near complete Moro sword, Barong.
This Philippine sword is 61cms in the sheath, 58cms out with a razor sharp hollow forged blade over 42cms long.
The scabbard is original to the piece but suffers losses as seen in the images. The carved throat decorations remain fully intact.
There is evidence within the losses of this scabbard of both original dark pitch and modern glues.
The hilt shows very minor losses and carries a single long white metal tapered collar.
Both the hilt and the scabbard display beautiful timber grains.
The blade in in very good order, is hollow forged and razor sharp with a full needle point. The spine shows long lines of differential steel folding as does the entire blade.
A nice near complete Moro sword displaying a very fine pattern welded blade.