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A fine Seville Navaja
42cms open

A fine Seville Navaja 42cms open www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine Seville Navaja fighting knife.

Open this Navaja is 42.5cms long with a 19cm blade.
Closed the Navaja is 23.5cms long.
The handle is made from a very fine blonde horn grip that is inlayed with shaped brass panels to both sides. The ends are capped in finely detailed brass fittings with the non business end having a very finely crafted ball finial of a type rarely seen.
The blade is of a broad leaf shape. It's back edge is decorated with file work. To one side is floral motifs, the other a Spanish Motto loosely translated as saying, "If this Viper itches for you there is no remedy in the Pharmacy"

A fine Spanish fighting knife.