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A fine and rare dagger
"prostitute's" secret dagger
ivory hilt, cruciform blade

A fine and rare dagger prostitute's secret dagger ivory hilt cruciform blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very nice European dagger with a rare ivory hilt.

This Dagger, likely French or German in origin measures 18.5cms long in the sheath.
Out of the sheath it measures 18cms and has a very fine fluted cruciform cross section.
The hilt is ivory carved in a twisted fashion finished with a crescent shaped pommel, likely by design a thumb recess for stabbing.
The blade is fine and in original polish with a full needle tip.
The fitted sheath is made from nickel silver with a single suspension loop.

A small and unusual European dagger often referred to as a "prostitute's" secret dagger used for self protection in the late 19th century.