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A Sirmoor Kukri
A very rare example
Large and heavy fighter
All steel Kukri

A Sirmoor Simoor Kukri A very rare example Large and heavy fighter all steel Kukri www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A very rare Sirmoor Kukri.

This large all steel Kukri measures 49cms long in the sheath and weighs 1.2kgs in the sheath.
Out of the sheath it is just under 47cms long with a blade length of 36cms. Across the belly it is near 65mm and the spine is 10mm thick.
The smooth steel hilt is wide and very comfortable in the hand.
The butt cap has a faceted 8 point star and sphere to the end.
The fine fullered blade remains in original polish with the exception of the cutting edge that has been sharpened from the Kaudi to the tip, an aspect that could be polished out if desired.
The original sheath and coverings are in good condition. There is however a small loss to the blue velvet along the back edge.

A very rare and collectable Kukri in good complete condition.