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Rare Moro Palawan or Molbog Kris

Rare Moro Palawan or Molbog Kris www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A rare example of a Palawan or Molbog Kris.
This old Moro Kris exhibits intricate carvings to the scabbard and hilt, typical of these regions that are found in the Sulu archipeligo.
Overall in the scabbard this Kris measures 71 cms, out it measures 70cms with an old forged 57cm blade.
Although examples of this scabbard and hilt style are not found within the work by Robert Cato, examples of this blade can be clearly seen on pages 63, 69, 76 of Moro Swords. Page 78 does show the difference in Moro scabbards, Cato notes that the carved decorative scabbard pictured is from the Sulu archipeligo.
A good and rare find, small loss to the top of the scabbard as seen in the images and the burl wood hilt has age cracks to the inside of the hilt near the cross guard.