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Nice complete old Moro Kris

Nice complete old Moro Kris www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A nice and complete Moro Kris.
As found in untouched condition except a small window I cleaned to show the seperation line between the guard and the blade.
I would suggest this is from a coastal region as there is evidence of fine sand on the very old grease that protected the blade for many years. There is also a water stain showing to the base of the scabbard to further substantiate this.
76cms long in the scabbard, 74cms out with a 57cms long blade in a sttraight line from the hilt. The fine blade has 5 fullers. Two long fullers running outside of the inner three, almost to the tip. Two broad fuller at the base of the blade narrow towards the middle. A long single fuller then runs to near the tip.
A very well proportioned and complete dangerous fighting sword of the Moro people that still retains a very sharp edge.