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Very rare Panabas Axe

Very rare Panabas Axe www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


Considered to be the rarest of Panabas axe forms.
Cato in his book Moro Swords, page 90, photo 56, notes these varients as extremely rare.
This example measure from tip to tip 64cms long with the thick heavy blade at 31cms long. The blade is supported at the neck of the haft with a thick forged iron ring, followed by 17cms of thick rattan wrapping.
There is evidence of "hammering" to the spine of this piece, possibly used to hammer another metal item, such is the substantial weight of this piece that it does deliver mighty blows. The blade also has an unusual distal taper, being 10mm at the haft narrowing to 4mm in the middle and again slighly widening to the end before the beveled cutting edge narrows to a point.
The split bamboo haft is also bound by a woven rattan strip at the end on the haft and shows a bamboo pin 7cms from the end.
An extremely rare and important piece of Moro history and weaponry.