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A very fine Tulwar
Named and dated
Indian sword
Wootz blade

A very fine Tulwar Talwar sabre Shamshir Named and dated Indian sword Wootz blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine, complete, large and heavy fighting sabre from India.

This sabre measures 94cms long in its scabbard.
Out of the scabbard it measures 91cms long with a blade length of 79cms long.
The very fine silvered hilt remains in exceptional condition throughout. The Koftgari application is without fault, very thick and raised and carries only very minor age wear. It measures 19cms long from the pommel spike to the tip of the langet and is 10.5cms across the quillons. The disk pommel is 7.5cms across.
The blade is in an original old polish and has not been etched but does show fine long Wootz watering throughout the faces and a smaller crystalline pattern throughout the cutting edge.
The scabbard is timber with an old blue velvet covering. The reverse is stitched to the middle with silver wire over a silver strip.

A very fine mid 19th century fighting sword in exceptional condition throughout, with script to the pommel.