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A rare Navaja
Albacete, 59cms open

A rare Navaja Albacete 59cms open www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine example of a rare 19th century Albacete Navaja.

Open this large folding knife measures 59cms long. Closed it measures 31cms long.
The handle is of a thin cross section. It is constructed with pierced brass and bone panels riveted to thin steel inner liners. The bone panels have beneath them mirror like pastes that maybe polished steel or foil.
The long slender blade is deeply engraved to both sides in traditional Albacete style and filled with a red enamel. Within the bordered cartouche are Spanish mottos of honour and defense and what appears to be a makers name and "Albacete".
There are, as seen in the photos, a couple of edge nicks from use.

A fine example of a rare Spanish Navaja.