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A very fine Cojang
Large Sumatran sword
Very fine engraved blade

A very fine Cojang large Sumatran sword Very fine engraved blade www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and large Sumatran Cojang with an outstanding blade.

This example measures just under 82cms long. The blade length is just over 65cms long and has a spine thickness of 14mm.
The buffalo horn hilt is carved and checkered to both sides with the underside of the pommel also displaying faceted carving.
The blade is an exceptional type. It is hollow forged throughout the entire length with beveled cutting edges along the bottom edge being 42cms long and to the tip around the top of the blade for approx 18cms. Below the spine is another 37cm long fuller.
In the blade profile, various decorative aspects can be seen in the forte.
Along the spine are deeply chiseled and faceted designs of a floral and geometric type.
The blade surfaces display a very clear and strong laminated steel patterning.

A very fine and likely status sword from Sumatra.