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A good Rhino hilted sabre
Hungarian Ottoman sword

A good Rhino hilted sabre sword Shamshir Hungarian Ottoman sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good Hungarian Ottoman fighting sword with a Rhino Horn hilt.

This sword measures just under 94cms long and carries a 80cms long blade. It is without a scabbard.
The hilt is Rhino horn grips over a steel grip strap and an steel knuckle bow and quillon.
The sharp fighting blade appears to be an 18th century trade blade with worn sun and moon motifs to one side.
There are broad double fuller to the forte with the lower one extending through to the tip. The upper fuller three narrow fullers that end at the sharpened back edge.

A seldom seen sword from the Ottoman forces located in the Hungarian regions, complete with a Rhino horn hilt.