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A very fine and rare Daab
Ivory and silver
Thai / Laos sword
of rank and status
Stunning carved hilt
Rare blade type

A very fine and rare Dha daab Ivory and silver Thailand Burmese Loas sword of rank and status Stunning carved hilt Rare blade type www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


This complete, fine and rare Thailand/Laos Daab will not disappoint.

In the scabbard this 19th century sword measures just under 95cms long.
Out of the scabbard it is 85cms long with a blade length of 49cms.
The hilt is ivory and silver and remains in excellent condition throughout. The carvings to the ivory grip are expertly crafted in very deep relief. The carved scene is of both human and human bodies with demon like faces climbing through floral vine like motifs. To the base of the right side is what appears to be a crouching dog.
The blade is of a rare type with a lotus bud tip and a raised medial ridge running along the entire length of the spine right through to the tip.
The scabbard appears to be teak dressed in silver fittings, capped at each end and to the middle, three thin silver straps and three bowtie shaped straps.

A very fine and rare example of a Thailand Daab of rank and status that is expertly constructed and by design, most likely from the Thai Loas borders.