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A Fine Moroccan Saif with Rhino horn hilt

A Fine Moroccan Saif with Rhino horn hilt Sa-if Sayf sword Nimcha Algerian www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine and complete Moroccan sabre, Saif or Sayf with a Rhino horn hilt.

This North African Saif measures 105cms long in its scabbard and 103cms out. The blade length is just under 87cms long.
The large hilt is cut from a single piece of dark Rhino horn that remains in exceptional condition throughout.
The knuckle bow and long quillons are steel, decorated with silver over lay.
The blade likely of European manufacture. it have a very small block forte, a broad deep central fuller and a more narrow fuller below the spine. The blade is without stamps or markings.
The scabbard is leather over timber with simle decorated brass fittings to each end that share the same patterns as the brass collar between the grip and the quillon block.

A fine complete North African sabre.