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A fine Billao dagger
Rare silver fittings
Ivory hilt

A good rare African dagger A fine Billao dagger Rare silver fittings Ivory hilt www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A fine ivory hilted Somali Billao knife.

This Somali knife measures over 47cms long.
The blade length is 25.5cms long, the hilt is just under 15cms and the spire pommel is 6.5cms tall.
The knife remains in very fine condition for its age and hard life these knife sometimes saw.
The hilt is a 2 section ivory type with horn, pewter and brass spacers at the base of the waist. It is embellished with very unusual silver work, not usually seen on these knives, being the silver attached to the top and bottom of the hilt and also that the same designs are seen at the base of the spire pommel.
The leather sheath has split stitching to the base and lacks its belt, but it does present very well as is, and together with the knife, would look fine atop of a custom gallery stand.

A nice and unusual variant of very fine quality.