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A good Omani sabre
Kattara Saif Sayf sword

A good Omani sabre Kattara Saif Sayf sword www.swordsantiqueweapons.com


A good complete Omani sabre.

The overall length of this sword in its scabbard is 91cms. Out of the scabbard it measures 89cms and carries a 71cms long blade.
The hilt appears to be period refurbishment with the leather wrappings to the grip appearing to me some sort of monitor lizard skin bound with silver wire.
The scabbard retains most of its original tooled leather and silver suspension and drag fittings.
The blade is as found and suffers from heavy surface rust and small areas of localised pitting, but all will clean up very well when polished.

This example remains complete and untouched but is likely to have seen refurbishment during its working life.